17 July 2007

JCrew Geo Print Skirt

I had been meaning to make the skirt ever since I found this fabric at a Hancock's liquidation sale. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of JCrew (I have no idea why) and I knew it was going to be a skirt.

I did not do any prefitting as I am using a pattern (New Look 6300) that I made a couple of years ago. Since that skirt fit well, I decided to press on with the construction of the next view. When I pin-fit the cut pieces, it looked good to me.

The pattern called for a lapped zipper, which I did on the first version. It came out very well and I am pleased with the result. However, I wanted to try my hand at an invisible zipper. This was my first time inserting one and it took a few tries to get it right. First, I took some scraps of fabric and practiced the technique. The zipper went in like a dream on my first try! I was so excited and pumped up about it that I immediately got started on my fashion fabric. I don't quite remember what happened with my first try there, but I do remember having to pick the stitches and remove the zipper. I also remember having to pick and re-pick several times after that due to silly errors. For example, I inserted the zipper in some way that made the two back pieces really uneven at the waist seam. Then after I corrected that, I inserted one half of the zipper backwards, twice. Frustrated and fed up, I put it down for a day or two, came back to it the next time and finally got it right.

After resolving the zipper issue, I started working on the lining pieces. I decided to line this skirt since the cotton fabric was too thin for my taste. I assembled and inserted the lining using the directions I found on a Threads Website When I first read the instructions, I have to admit that they did not make much sense. But, I followed them anyway because I figured they had to work or else they would not be there! It worked, wonderfully! To finish the skirt, I tacked the lining seam allowance to the zipper tape and serged the bottom of the lining.

I intend to make another version of these skirts. Next time, I will slash and spread the back piece between 1/2 to 1" to accommodate my protruding seat. This skirt seems to hike up a bit once it has settled on my hips. I never noticed the need for this adjustment since my first attempt was a floor length skirt.

This skirt is officially added to my working rotation!

15 July 2007

The Skirt that Would be Kwik Sew 2788B

This is my second attempt at Kwik Sew 2788B. I was determined not to let this inanimate object get the best of me. Immediately after completing the first disaster, I began work on this same skirt again. This time, I used a very dark blue stretch twill from the Fabric Warehouse (in MI). This choice of fabric already was a step in the right direction. It would later prove to give the ease and stretch I need around me chunky parts. The completion of the second attempt at this skirt, however, did not come without much blood (from pin-pricked fingers), sweat (it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days), and shears (self-explanatory). As mentioned in a previous post, the first attempt at this pattern did not turn out well.

Here are some changes I made in constructing this garment:
  • I left the waistband alone
  • shortened the zipper 2"
  • omitted seam allowance on CB and cut on the fold

The skirt fits well, although there are some issues left to be resolved. For one, how do I insert the hooks & eyes without having thread show through on the front of the waistband? Common sense now tells me to insert the them before the waistband is turned inside out. But, that's not what the instructions say. So, that's a change to make next time.

I do not know what happened with this part of the waistband. When I stitched it, I was careful and clipped the corners. But, this still looks strange. You can't tell from the that it's like this, but it annoys me not to know what went wrong.

In all, I am satisfied with the skirt. I've already worn it to work and received nice compliments. I plan to make a couple more of these skirts. Next time, I will take a bit of length from the crotch area, take in the waistband 1/4", and take a deeper hem.


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