26 December 2016

Finished: Burda 7942

I need to sew more Burda.  Why it's taken me so long to come to this conclusion I don't know.  This pattern fit nearly perfectly out of the envelope with NO adjustments. o_O

What wonderful sorcery is this?  Okay, so it's not sorcery.  But still.  Folks have always raved about the superior drafting of Burda patterns:  crotch curve, cup sizes, sleeve cap ease, etc.  Save for the sleeve length, this pattern is close to perfection. 

About the expression on my face.  The center front is destined to be wrinkly for two reasons:  (1) the side front gathers and (2) the center front is weirdly curved.  It is just impossible to sew the buttons on without puckers and believe me, I tried.  Five times.  Five.


Maybe I needed more buttons or something.  There aren't many reviews of this pattern and of the ones that do exist, they show a similar wonkiness with the center front - though mine seems to be next level wonky.  Meh.  It doesn't look this bad when I'm wearing it. 

I cut a size 44 and made a 1/2" FBA on the side front panel.  I didn't add the extra length to the center front since that piece is gathered.  I figured I could just not gather as much so that the seam lengths match.  I didn't do a swayback adjustment, though I should have.

(shown with New Look 6274)

The instructions were fine with no Burda surprises. Even the continuous lap turned out okay - despite my struggles with sewing it.

 (right: shown with New Look 6274)

My only regret was not cutting the cuff on the cross grain so that the stripes run horizontally rather than vertically.   They look okay as is, but most of the stripes don't match and I think it would just look better the other way.


Sewing this pattern motivated me to try more Burda woven shirts.  In fact, for mypre-Burda-a-month-2017 sewing challenge, I cut out and started to sew 6-2007-129.

I cut a straight 46 thinking that this would be big enough so that I wouldn't need the 1/2" FBA.  Wrong.  46 is most definitely not my Burda size; the shirt is huge and unsightly.  I'll share my thoughts on this nightmare in a future post.  Suffice it to say, there is a lot of unstitching going on and I may even scrap it.  It looks really good too.  Le sigh.

More on this later...

Up next:  I want to do a 2016 sewing-in-review post, though I need to get pictures of the things I sewed.  

Is anyone else OVER 2016?  I mean, really, this year can fuck right the hell off.  Come on 2017, let's do this!



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