30 June 2017

Mid-Year Wrap Up (pic heavy)

Whoa.  A blog post!  I had a busy first half of the year which involved working six days a week.  Alas, summer is here and now that I've caught up on sleep, I have been able to do some sewing.

So far this year, I've made 10 skirts, 4 tops, and 3 activewear bottoms.  That's 17 garments - 15 of which were made since May, occasional sickness notwithstanding.


Burda 6839

Surprisingly this is only my second successful woven Burda shirt.  Whyyyyyyyy did I wait so long to jump on this bandwagon?!  Save for bad button placement, this shirt fits very well with little adjustment.  I don't know why it looks so horribly wrinkled on the front.  The pattern is gathered on the side front, but I swear it doesn't look this bad on me.

Is that a tower placket?   Yes, yes it is.  A friend from work, who also sews, showed me step-by-step how to make it.  Man, this is so simple!  I will never do a continuous lap again.  Well...not on a shirt at least.

 New Look 6407

I've made this pattern a few times.  There's nothing new to say here; it's definitely tried and true.

 Kwik Sew 4201

I made this for a friend of mine.  Let me tell you, this was NOT easy.  The zippered neckline and weird non-inseam pockets were beasts.  Suffice it to say my self-less sewing quota has been met for the next two years.

A bunch of skirts

  New Look 6299

I wasn't feeling this at all after I finished it.  Having tried it on, I can see wearing it this summer.

I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE lapped zippers.  Hate.  I do not even know why I bothered with it this time. 

Simplicity 1072; scuba knit

Yeah, don't look too close at the fuckery that is the mismatched waistband.  SMH.  I worked hard to make sure this panel print was matched perfectly on the sides and completely forgot to cut the wasitband.  I had enough fabric, but not enough to match properly.  Oops.

 McCall's 6654
(left to right:  floral scuba knits, wool double knit, wool-blend double knit)
Again, there isn't much to add here.  This is a great pattern and a quick sew.  I made the first skirt in about an hour from cut to finish.  Each of these fabrics came from the Arts & Scraps fabric sale. 

BWOF 8-2011-127 (brown wool tweed)

This skirt is a wearable fail.  It's a bit big in the waist because somehow I neglected to add petersham as a stabilizer.  And the hemline is too narrow which makes using stairs an adventure. 

Stitch Magazine 2012:  pin-tuck skirt

Technically this isn't finished; I need to add petersham to the waist.  Don't ask me why I haven't brought myself to do it.

 New Look 6274

This is another great find from Arts & Scraps.  The fabric is polyester faille and sewed easily.  I made a blind hem, but clearly should have used a lighter thread.  Eventually I'll redo it.

 McCall's 7253

I made the first version of this last year and really love it.  This second version is just okay.  Despite taking deeper pleats and seam allowances, it's still big.  I haven't lost weight, trust me.  I just think the fabric has some mechanical stretch that I didn't anticipate.

Instead of stabilizing the waist with petersham, I added facings and bound them with self-made bias tape.  Oh and I bought some labels from the Dutch Label Shop.  I'm impressed with their quality and customer service.  I would order from them again.


Having been inspired by Sheila (Sheila CTK), I wanted to up my activewear game.  To start, I made Jalie 3674 (Isabelle) and love it.  I sewed a straight size X for both versions, but I added a little bit more to the seam allowance to the one on the right.  I definitely plan to make several more versions.

I also made Simplicity 8212, though I don't have any pictures.  It's an okay pattern, but I think I'll stick with Jalie.

 In Progress

 Simplicity 2810

I started this back in May and am almost finished.  I got sidetracked for three reasons:  (1) I had several days of not feeling well (2) I need to re-cut the upper sleeve lining and (3) it's summer and who needs a long sleeved lined jacket?  SMH

But look at the welt pockets!

muslin of Simplicity 8295

I also started this in May.  I was discouraged by the slippery fabric and adjustments needed to make the back fit better.  I intend to finish it because I have the perfect fabric and hardware to make this look really good.

McCall's 6112 (middle view)

The fabric is cut, I'm just not motivated by the dark purple fabric I chose.  It's summer and I want to sew something bright.

Some patterns I want to sew

Simplicity 8379, McCall's 7465, Burda 6869, Grainline Archer
Cashmerette Lenox, Kwik Sew 4207, Cashmerette Concord
McCall's 6744, 

Not pictured:  Style Arc Stacie and Sally, Jalie Éléonore, Simplicity 8137
These are the patterns in my current queue.  Ambitious?  Yes.  Possible?  Maybe. =)

That's it for now.  This post has been in the works for the last month.   I had the intention to write, but not the desire.  Kna'mean? I hope to return to blogging more regularly.  We'll see.

Until next time, peace!



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